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How To Approve A Facebook Admin Request

By Dov | Helpful Tips

Aug 31

Social Media is every business’ lifeblood, however, not all companies understand how important it is. If you’re new to Social Media and somebody else is helping you manage, this post about “How to approve a Facebook Admin Request” might help make things easier for you.
There’s two options for giving an Admin Access to any Facebook account but in order for you to see both options, I’ve decided to show them to you.


STEP 1: Sign in to your Facebook account.
STEP 2: Click the notification icon in your personal Facebook account and find/click the “asking for Admin request” notification. You may also see the Facebook account and profile image and the page they are requesting an Admin request to.
2 Click Notification
STEP 3: At the notification icon, click the “respond to request”.
3 Click Respond to Request


Step 1: Sign in to your Facebook account.
STEP 2: Go to your Facebook Page and click the “Drop Down Arrow” at the far right side of the dashboard and choose the Facebook Page that you want to share Admin access to.
02 Go to your page
STEP 3: Once there, click “Settings” and go to “Page Roles”.
03 Go to Settings and Page Roles
STEP 4: Click to “respond to request”.
04 Click Respond to Request
STEP 5: Select Transfer ownership of my Page as seen below.
This process may be seen in both OPTIONS 1 and 2 upon clicking the “respond to request” button. I hope it’s not that confusing.
05 Transfer Ownership
STEP 6: Click Approve Request.
06 Approve Request
STEP 7: Re-enter your Facebook password and hit submit.
07 Re-enter Password
This is how it looks like once you’ve done the process successfully.
08 New admin added
This may be a very simple task but I hope that I’ve helped you in my own little ways.

See you on my next post!

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