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Inspector Marketing 365

Dov Herman, a 25-Year-Inspector Veteran, Founder and CEO of Inspector Marketing 365.

Dov Herman leads a team of industry veterans helping home inspectors to accomplish their digital marketing goals. With 25 plus years of experience in the home inspection industry, Dov's team are some of the pioneers in the industry.

Dov founded Inspector Marketing 365 in early 2017 after being frustrated with social media marketing, client review management and email marketing that just didn't work well for home inspectors. Dov's initial goal was to create solutions that could solve problems we were facing ourselves..

​Since founding Inspector Marketing 365, Dov's team has generated THOUSANDS of Reviews, Social Media Posts and Newsletters For Home Inspectors All Across The Country,

The Team

Inspector Marketing 365 Team has expertise in the following fields

Website Design 

Website Development 



Graphic Design

Customer Service

Admin Support Accounting

Content Writing

Facebook Ads

Video Editing


Roche joined the Inspector Marketing 365 team at the start of 2017, bringing value to inspectors’ digital marketing journey though her skills in Online Business Management.

She believes that integrity, equality and high regard for customer satisfaction is the key to successfully running an online business and that’s what she brings to the our customers, making sure that they’re in line with achieving our client’s goals. 


Sunny’s training in HVAC and plumbing maintenance could have been an introduction to the home inspection industry. Though she started working with Roche in 2013, part time performing administrative tasks, she learned Social Media Management and Email Marketing very quickly and decided to go full time.

She currently supervises a team that handles Social Media and Newsletters management plus other part of the business. 


Sam has been learning everything underground until he became a VA that specializes in Web Development in 2013.

His corporate background as a Full Stock Web Developer and SEO Strategist became an asset to the team together with his expertise and passion for website security.


Raymon is our art director and manages all of our client’s graphic needs from logo creation to website headers, email marketing headers, social media covers and a whole lot more.