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Aug 30

Benefits of Automated Client Reviews System

By Dov | Offers

Business reputation is something that all business owners take time to build. It is built by creating excellent product/s and religiously giving the best experience to every customer that you encounter on a daily basis.

You might be thinking… “Oh, great! We’re already doing that!”

Good for you and congratulations but that’s not where it ends.

A customer needs to be told or should I say, asked in order for them to give you an honest review about their experience.

But here’s the catch!

Asking a customer to give their “precious feedback” needs to be done strategically to attain the following results:

1. So they won’t say NO

2. So they would give you an honest feedback

3. So they would give the BEST commendation possible!

But how strategic could that be?

Review Email and SMS review

What Automated Client Reviews System does

1. Automatically sends a review invitation via email and SMS three hours upon the start of inspection – this ensures that the review request is done in a timely manner. This way, the homeowners can still remember and feel his/her experience with your work.

2. If in any way, the customer forgets to send their feedback, it’ll be sent to him/her on the following day and the last one on the 3rd day – I think this email or text review invitation sequence is already enough to make any customer spend a few clicks, right?

3. Customized email and SMS review invitation – customers will remember and feel your presence in our review invitation. They can see your logo, a professionally designed cover page with you or your inspector’s picture in it so your customers will still remember you and the quality of service you gave them.

4. Option to offer a cup of coffee or any freebie in exchange for their feedback – who wouldn’t want a free cup of coffee these days?

Coffee home inspector

Now, let’s see what happens to your reviews after your customers send them.

Your Personal Client Reviews Dashboard

1. Positive reviews gets published to social media and directory sites available – this process is favored by Google and positively impacts your local SEO in return.

2. Negative reviews gets emailed directly to your inbox so you have a chance to “steal” that negative experience and make it a positive one. Offer a FREE fix, send a gift or simply pacify a customer just in time before he/she thinks of sharing a bad experience in social media seems like an “ambush to their disappointed feelings”. And since they felt like you’ve taken an extra effort to hear their side and make amends, they’ll gladly send positive reviews for sure!

04-Inspector Side - REVIEWS

So, what are you waiting for? Be seen by your optimal clients by building your reputation in the marketplace. Avail any of our regular packages and enjoy our Automated Review System package valued at $50 a month for FREE!

This is our way of giving back a portion of our expertise, in line with our commitment to the Home Inspection community.

Aug 29

Exclusive Offer to InterNACHI Members ONLY!

By Dov | Offers

As an InterNACHI member, the main reason I’m writing this blog is to give back to the home inspection community. If you are a home inspector who WANTS to get more online reviews , I suggest that you continue reading this article to get a special exclusive to InterNACHI members.

Being in the inspection industry for more than 25 years, I’ve seen a variety of struggles pertaining to filling up schedules and getting more inspections. This is where my desire to help improve the batting average for inspector’s online marketing needs began.

My passion towards technology plus my vision to become the leading online marketing automation company that helps Home Inspectors like you get that big leap in the digital marketing industry has inspired me to move forward.

Because of this, Inspector Marketing 365 was born with the mission to help all Home Inspectors in their digital marketing needs, especially those who are NOT using and maximizing the internet.

You can take a look at our regular prices and how our different services can help reach and build your reputation and referrals from homebuyer’s and real estate agents .

Aside from that, you can browse HERE to understand the powerful benefits of each service and see how our combined skills and tools can help your business grow.

If you’re done checking out our services, let me tell you the good news!

Simply CLICK HERE and we’ll give you the Automated Review System valued at $125/month at $1-30-day-trial!

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