Here’s a step by step instruction on how to customize the Review.Us Email invitation.

STEP 1: Go to your Review.Us account and follow the image instruction below:

STEP 2: Click the SOURCE CODE ICON below

STEP 3: Paste the Image Link at the highlighted part of the source code

STEP 4: SAVE the process and check if the email customization was successful

Getting an “image link” has a separate instruction. In order to avoid confusion, here’s a separate instruction for that.

How to Upload an Image and Get the “Image Link”

Step 1: Go to the Media Library of your website where you want to host or upload the image to. In our case, we’ll use this website,

Step 2: Another window will appear showing your computer’s filing system.

Find the file/image you want and double click it OR click the file/image and click OPEN at the lower left portion of the window. Once done, it will bring you back to the media library where you can see all the other images uploaded in the website.

Step 3: DOUBLE CLICK the Image/file you want.

Step 4: COPY the “Image Link” and PASTE where it is needed.

Customization sounds technical to some but with a little bit of patience, a step by step walk through and your willingness to learn, I’m pretty sure you can do it all by yourself next time you want to change your review invitation cover.