Chat 365

Chat 365 is an internet marketing technique designed

Chat 365 is an internet marketing technique designed to create more leads and prime them for conversion. We have designed a chat bot that does all the heavy lifting of customer outreach on your site for new or pre-existing visitors. People demand an interactive and responsive site – a site that allows them to text a question rather than searching or calling. The automated chat bot answers any initial questions before directing the visitor to a real sales executive that can take it from there.

Product Features:

  • Track all chat requests
  • Perform initial vetting of new visitors
  • Automatically email leads that have yet to hear from you

A Performance-Based Approach:

We offer Chat 365 in the most affordable way possible. Our performance-based approach means we only get a flat rate of $15 for every sale you make. No sale, no fee. It’s that simple.

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