If there’s one Social Media platform that hasn’t been taken advantage of today, it’s Google My Business (GMB). Aside from GooglePlus, it’s also powered by Google and the newest tool to boost your website’s SEO. If you have a social media manager posting on your behalf, this step by step guide to add a Google My Business manager into your account might help.

STEP 1: Using your username and password, login in to your Gmail account. Once logged in, click the “grid-like” icon at the upper right of your gmail dashboard, then the store-looking “Google My Business” icon.

STEP 2: Check your viewing options and make sure you’re in “card view” mode. Card view means you’re seeing boxes instead of a list (see STEP 3 image). If you’re viewing as a “list”, switch to card view by clicking the “cards” icon. It’s the 2nd icon at the bottom right, just below the “download insights”.


STEP 3: Choose the listing you’d like to manage and click “Manage location”.

STEP 4: Click “users” from the left side bar menu.

STEP 5: At the top right corner of the “Manage Permissions” window, click the “Invite new managers” icon. It’s the only icon at the upper right of the window.

STEP 6: This might be a little complicated so let me discuss one process at a time.

6.1. Type the Gmail address of the user you want to add as a “Manager” to your Google My Business account.

6.2. Among the choices (Owner, Manager, or Communications manager), click “Manager” or whatever role you want to add.

6.3. Click “Invite” at the bottom left of the window.

Remember, invitees have the option to “accept” your invitation. Once they do, they’ll immediately become listing owners or managers depending on which role you chose.

STEP 7: Once they have added you as a Manager, you will see your name in the “Manage permissions” window just like the image below.

This window shows all active owners, managers and even those who have been sent invitations to become owners or managers.

If you want to cancel any pending invitations, you may do so by clicking the “X” at the right side of the row of the invitation you want to remove.

By the way, aside from the tips I stated above, I would like to mention one important thing about Google My Business Posting.

Recommended Google My Business Image Sizes

1. Profile image – 250 x 250 pixels (minimum 120 x 120; maximum 5200 x 5300)

2. Cover photo – 1080 x 608 pixels (minimum 480 x 270; maximum 2120 x 1192)

3. Shared images – 497 x 373 pixels (minimum width 497; maximum 2048 x 2048)

4. Between 10KB and 5MB

5. PNG or JPG files

Make sure that the photos are of high-quality, in focus and haven’t had too much filters or editing.

You may read more about it at https://www.advicelocal.com/blog/best-image-sizes-for-google-my-business/#KluSmerq07zfv5Mk.99

I hope this post has been a great help in making your digital marketing journey easier with a bit of fun. If you want to discuss anything in the future, please leave a comment below and I’ll try my best to write the article you requested.