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A Feng Shui Home Office is like a General Office. There are important rules to keep in mind when making your Home Office into a Feng Shui Home Office.

  1. It’s best to keep your Feng Shui home office clean.
  2. Make sure that your desk appears to be in the location with the most power.
  3. Keep in touch with Feng Shui with connected art styles, colors, and appropriate artwork.
  4. It’s key to keep your office separated from your daily life.

It’s best to feel productive and feel as if you are of great importance in your office. Organization of our office improves your creativity, discipline, success, as well as making great decisions.

The proper usage of a Feng Shui home office is applied when there is a solid wall behind you or even a high-backed chair.

Combine your Feng Shui Home Office with your effervescence and joyful personality. This will help you grow as a person and better support your life.

It’s of utmost importance to not put the office in the bedroom. If you must use your bedroom then make sure that a room divider or big area rug is in segregation from your bedroom. This segregation will better show where the Feng Shui Office begins and ends. A slightly raised platform for your desk for separation can be built to be used as well.

To properly separate your home office from your personal and family space, boundaries and routines must be established. Great suggestions for making office space and a routine that will promote a great positive outlook and embellish success, discipline and privacy are:

Make sure that your door is shut during work hours.

Make your view of the office has opaque walls to not see the rest of the house.

​Create a timetable of when office hours are and keep to that schedule.

Make sure to have a separate phone line to only be used for business.

Dress well when you work at home, it promotes wellness and excellent living habits.

Make sure that you keep your business life and personal life separate from each other to avoid impromptu distractions.

Use these key fine points and ideas to better promote wellness and Feng Shui within your own home.